Friday, 10 October 2014


I was kindly offered the opportunity to test out the new formula of the Curl Maker. I must admit I had not heard of it until I was contacted by the company therefore I was excited to try it. This product promises to give you  "defined, shiney and manageable curls with pomegranate seed oil. marshmallow and agave leaf extracts. Your hair will have amazing curl definition, bounce and moisture that every curl or coil will love! Perfect for wash and go styling"  

Gentle disclaimer: This product is great for defining the curls you already have it will NOT however "make curls" that you don't possess.

I am not usually a wash and go fan but In oder to give a fair review I gave it a go. I followed the instructions on the bottle which states that you should " Apply an ample amount to clean, conditioned and detangled hair. Section soaking wet hair with fingers and distribute from root to the tips of your hair. Make sure hair is wet while using this jelly. Re-wet sections that are drying. Finger style your hair and let air dry. A micro fiber towel may be used for faster drying."